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One of the most important rooms to keep clean is the bathroom. Because it is usually the warmest room in the house due to towel rails, and also the wettest room in the house thanks to showers and baths, wet feet coming out of them and steam coming off of them, it is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

This website isn't just about internal cleaners, we also list and recommend external cleaning services as well. Window cleaning, gutter cleaning, conservatory cleaning, patio cleaning, driveway cleaning, fascia and soffit cleaning are all extremely valuable cleaning services necessary to make a home or a business look smart, clean and tidy. Most of these services are available from national cleaning company Washforce - visit their website for more information about both their residential cleaning services, their commercial cleaning services and their national contracts.

If you've recently bought a new bathroom, from a site like this one here and the bathroom is all sparkly and white and clean, then you want to keep it that way, otherwise you could soon end up with nasty black patches, and a bathroom looking as bad as it did before you had the new one fitted! If you haven't got time to clean it yourself, make sure you get a cleaner in to do it, otherwise your lovely new bathroom could soon be grotty.  

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